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Lionlok Is A Brand Under Rovss, Founded On Core Values, Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction, Continual Improvement, And A Commitment To Quality Since Its Inception.

We specialize in manufacturing and selling fasteners and valves, with key products including hose couplings, ball valves, and needle valves. We earn customer trust through high quality and performance. Additionally, we offer customization for non-standard products based on customer needs.

With years of experience, our commitment is to provide reliable solutions across various industries, ensuring customers experience exceptional performance and reliability when using our products.

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Quality Comes First. We Ensure Attention To Every Detail, Even In The Production Of The Smallest Items, Always Committed to Enhancing Customer Experience.

Innovative Solutions​

Never satisfied with the ordinary, we collaborate with clients to make a difference in the realms of space exploration and conventional industrial equipment. Challenging limits, making innovative breakthroughs, we persistently pursue miracles. We not only walk alongside our customers but also closely partner with collaborators, shaping exceptional experiences together. By introducing new products and advanced alloy materials, optimizing system design and training, and improving inventory and cost management, we provide customers with an even more outstanding service experience.

Innovation Transformation

We are a team dedicated to product innovation. In the future, our sales and service center network will not only provide authorized sales but also become crucial hubs for local inventory and professional support. As the pace of change accelerates, we closely collaborate with customers, jointly introducing new products and services into the market full of unknowns. In this unprecedented adventure, we are collectively writing the chapter of innovation.

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